Brand Story

The Struggle behind the answer: “Each time I go shopping, I struggle to find a good pair of jeans with an adequate price.” This has been the case for a lot of us nowadays. “It's becoming a hassle to find what I am looking for, whether in terms of design, color, durable fabric, or even the right fit. And when I finally find it, the price tag always leaves me utterly shocked. Sometimes I find myself even laughing at the thought of it.”

Our Purpose

Panttalon was born in an attempt to find a solution for this daily struggle we are left with. We started working as denim manufacturers 30 years ago. Today we can proudly say, we mastered every process that goes into the art of jeans making and are ready to tap into the diverse world of fashion. Coming from the clothing background, we see the answer is replacing vendors with our platform that directly creates a real-time connection between the factory and consumers.

Our Promise

Aiding customers in finding durable and premium grade fashion pieces at reasonable prices.